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Talk to your healthcare provider about Parky

Parky is a prescription remote patient monitoring app. Your HCP can sign up on Parky HCP Portal and create your prescription online. The symptom profile reports are automatically generated and shared with the HCPs via Parky HCP Portal.

Each prescription is for 90 days. As an early access program, the pricing of Parky is 1$ a day for a one-time payment. Before you request an RX, make sure your devices are compatible, simply by downloading the app from the App Store. The minimum hardware and software requirements are:

Apple Watch Series 3+ / watchOS 8.0+
iPhone 6s + / iOS 13.0+

You can share this guide with your HCP during your visit

or share via

Once you’re prescribed

Download the App

We recommend downloading the app as early as possible to avoid device requirements conflicts. If you are able to download the app, you a ready to go! 

Confirmation SMS

Once you are prescribed, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile phone. Your phone number will be provided by the HCP during prescription process.  


You will receive a payment link within the SMS. You can finalize your payment via the link. 

Activation Code

Once you finalize payment, you will receive your 6-digit activation code via SMS: You can type in the code within the app and you are all set! Onboarding Guide

You are ready to monitor your symptoms, view reports and create your medication reminders! You can download the Patient Guide for detailed information about how to use Parky.

General Warnings and Precautions
• Parky is a supportive tool for assessing Parkinson’s Disease treatment efficacy and disease course. Non-motor findings, patient insights, and in clinical visits should always be involved in decision-making.
• It is strongly advised to compare Parky results with clinical findings and patientreported insights.
• At initial use to verify data flow consistency, patient results are recommended to be observed closely for 3 to 5 days per patient. This period would also allow the detection of any technical issues.
• Patients should be advised to wear the watch on the arm with symptom onset.
• Patients or caregivers must be advised to enter their med schedule; if the patient cannot carry this out themselves, it is recommended to support the patient in-clinic settings by healthcare providers or caregivers.
• In case of Parky App failure, patients should take medication as prescribed.
• There is no implied drug evaluation by the Parky App.
• Patients should not self-evaluate their disease progress solely with Parky app data.
• The Parky App is used and interpreted only by trained clinicians or technicians.
• Do not use the Parky App for any purpose other than to record the movement of a patient with a movement disorder.
• The Parky App is intended only as an aid to existing clinical methods. It is not intended to be the sole or primary means of clinical assessment.
• h2o does not recommend using the Parky App with patients who are not capable of interacting with the Parky App iOS app or WatchOS app.

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